Direct Blast is a proudly Western Australian owned company. We specialise in abrasive blasting, protective coatings and industrial spray painting for various requirements. This includes three coat systems for the mining industry.

Our modern equipment and facilities include a custom-built blasting booth measuring 20x6x5 metres. We also house two paint booths: 20x6x5 metres and 10x6x5 metres. One of our spray booths is also heated. Because of this we are able to paint 24 hours a day if required.

Direct Blast use steel grit. This provides superior adhesion of paints and coatings.

Our services include:

Abrasive Blasting

Used in various industries for surface cleaning and etching. Blasted surfaces allow for better adhesion of paint and other coatings. We use special high pressure abrasive tools and steel grit for a perfect finish. We provide garnet and chilled iron grit blasting for your specific requirements. Our blast room is large enough for any job.

We also provide soda blasting, which is an excellent alternative to traditional sandblasting. Soda blasting won’t damage the underlying substrate in any way, making it an ideal solution for more delicate surfaces. There are a wide range of applications for soda blasting, such as: stripping paint from car bodies, brickwork (as seen below), concrete, bitumen, wood and glass. Soda blasting can also simply be used to degrease an engine.

Industrial Painting & Protective Coatings

Industrial paint protects concrete and steel surfaces from corrosion and fire. Our coatings include silicone, zinc, epoxy primers, polyurethanes. We have two paint booths to accommodate a variety of jobs and can advise you on the most suitable coating for your application. At Direct Blast we also paint mining and transport equipment, and other components.

Direct Blast is proudly Australian and have years of experience providing industry-grade service. Make Direct Blast your first choice for sandblasting, protective coatings and industrial painting in Perth!

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