At Direct Blast we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality and most cost-effective soda blasting Perth has to offer.

Soda blasting is an excellent alternative to sandblasting. It won’t damage the underlying substrate in any way, making it the perfect solution for more delicate surfaces. By using compressed air to blast bicarbonate of soda onto the surface, we can remove paint and other coatings without damaging the original substrate.

Endless Applications

Soda blasting is safe to use on a wide-range of surfaces such as: metal, alloy, fibreglass, plastic and carbon fibre.

Soda blasting is also an excellent degreasing agent. There is no need to remove any bearings or seals due to no pre-degreasing requirements. Because of this there is no need to remove any bearings or seals. Bicarbonate of soda is non-corrosive, and no heat is generated during the process, so there will be no pitting or warping of the material being blasted.

The applications for soda blasting are wide ranging and varied, from stripping paint off of car bodies, brickwork, concrete, bitumen, wood or glass to simply be used to degrease an engine.

Soda Blasting Brickwork:

Soda Blasting Brickwork Before


Soda Blasting Brickwork After


Environmentally Safe Blasting

Soda Blasting Perth

The blast material is a specially formulated bicarbonate of soda. It is a non-toxic, non-hazardous food grade material (essentially baking soda), that is water soluble and 100% environmentally safe. In many cases, soda blasting does not require water further reducing the impact on the environment.

Soda blasting is also suitable for use in the commercial food or catering industry. The blasting material is 100% food grade baking soda. Because of this it can be used to safely clean kitchen equipment.

Mobile Soda Blasting Perth

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